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Deluxe Sewn Menu Covers

Menucoverman metal corner choices.. a lot to choose from!

Menucoverman's menu covers are DOUBLE-STITCHED.

Why is this so important?

Because double-stitched menu covers last up to TWICE as long as single-stitched.

What is it that holds a cafe menu cover together?

That's right.. it IS the stitching, plain and simple.
We won't compromise on quality.. why should you??

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Deluxe Sewn Menu Covers - Leatherette and Nylon

Beautiful 12 view menu covers with sewn fabric edges.

Please scroll all the way down the page to view Leatherette and Nylon binding colors.

TEDD menu covers enlargement.

TEDQ menu covers, greatly enlarged for ease of visibility.

Clear sewn menu covers- big as life!


Clear sewn menu covers, a very beautiful product.

Double stitched cafe menu covers.

Italian restaurant menu covers.


Risch menu covers are proudly made in the USA. Menucoverman.com - 888-777-4522 or 215-278-4030


Nylon fabric edge elegant cafe menu covers made in the united states of america.



Another style of clear sewn menu covers.


Shown below is Dusty Rose.

It is now discontinued by the mill..
as was its cousin, Dusty Mauve.

We are sorry that we can
no longer fulfill orders
in either of those colors.


Dusty rose material sample for Vogue Nylon Edge Menu Covers from MenuCoverMan.com







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