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Restaurant Booths
Outdoor restaurant booths provide a good measure of safety.
Patrons will appreciate your thoughtfulness and care.

Long-life design.
Safety separators support social distancing needs.
An idea which can make a difference for you.
Outdoor restaurant booths.
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The latest outdoor dining solutions are here for you today.

Meeting your needs: Crystal clear side-screen drops can be placed in either two or three of the four sides of any given stand quadrangle.
Side-by-side quads share the same screen drop!

Your new outdoor stands and side-screen drops offer an elegant solution to the new reality of safely separating your patrons.

Ample screen drops between the tables in your dining area layout create an impermeable barrier to maximize that safety.

As an exceptional added benefit, most restaurants will now be able to add more tables to their layout, which in turn can bring renewed profitability to your operation.

Outdoor seating in a SafeGuard restaurant assembly.Photo by Pez González on Unsplash

Please call us today to discuss your needs. We will review the details, and offer knowledgeable suggestions so you will get the most from your inquiry or purchase.

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Please ask for Lauren.


A space-age material promises new benefits for you.

Screen assembly in progress.

The many benefits of your durable new screens hanging in their wood crafted superstructure include these:

• FDA compliant. The clear safety separators will not burn. They will actually simply melt in a fire.

• Heat and chemical resistant and sports a non-stick surface.

• Allows for light and sound transparency.

• Heavy wood superstructure is solid and sturdy in strong winds and your choice of wood stains.

• Can be outfitted with an optional  roof to deflect light rain and provide shade. Ask about it.

• Festoon with colorful string-lit bulbs and hanging plants.

• Can be assembled on a sidewalk, a porch or even a designated area of your parking lot.

• Screens are easily and inexpensively replaced in their stands as the season s go by.

A SafeGuard stand can be assembled on a sidewalk, 
a porch or even a designated area of your parking lot.
SafeGuard outdoor delivery stands range from Philadelphia.  
The delivery & assembly zone is
approximately in a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia.
Please call 484-469-8392 today and ask
for Lauren to ask questions or to request a Quote.
Safe outdoor restaurant dining screens.

What are the dimensions of the stands and screens?

Screen assembly in progress.

Facts and Figures

•  The clear hanging screen is 6' by 5 feet tall and sits two feet off the ground. 

• The wooden stands do not need to be at the end of the screen to function so they are able to be used between diners at the booths.

• Assembly team available within 50 mile radius of Philadelphia. Units are not difficult to assemble, and instructions are provided.

• By being outdoors and having screens between groups of diners, a safer space is created for the protection of diners and servers.

• Order just one.. or bulk discount available for 20 or more.


Design: Scale up to meet demand.

Design Layout

Be Creative: Mix & Match for a precise result.

Suit your restaurant's outdoor safety seating needs.
Safety screen make for safer dining.

Sturdy outdoor stands can meaningfully increase your traffic.

Partitions meet any need.

Flexibility, support, & customized components as needed.

How does it work?
Outdoor restaurant boths invite and protect.

Please note the separator SafeGuard Safety Screen between this space and the next one to the right.

SafeGuard Safety Screens SPECIFICATIONS

SafeGuard Safety Screens
for outdoor and indoor restaurant venues are made of a clear polymer film (fluoropolymer). The screens hang from wooden stands. The stands themselves are intended to create a space within which restaurant patrons can dine safely, while still maximizing usage of the overall outdoor or indoor space allotted to them.

Safety Screens allow sound to carry through the dividers with minimal attenuation.

Fire Safety – Can withstand high temperatures; melts when it burns; no fire propagation.

Safe - Does not contain plasticizers or other additives; no outgassing required.

Heat and Radiation Resistant – Can be sterilized by heat or radiation without degradation.

UV Resistant and Transparent – Highly resistant to UV light and transparent for UV so that UV-C light can be used for sterilization.

Sound Transparency – Sound carries through the dividers so that the space feels open. Minimal sound attenuation and distortion.

Light Transparency – Gives a feeling of being outdoors in direct light. The film is highly transparent and clear.

Ability to Clean – Can withstand heavy chemicals without degradation.

Lightweight – Film is 100 microns but maintains its shape and structure.

Durable – Strong; not easily cut or punctured; highly abrasion resistant; when accidentally hit, it will not break or deform; long life cycle.


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For more information about this product or to place an order,
please call Lauren at 484-469-8392.