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Menucoverman.com offers you excellent and friendly customer service, and over 50 different styles of menu covers for fast delivery.
Sewn Menu Cover Accessories


Sewn add-a-page for adding to deluxe sewn menu covers from The Menucoverman.

Sewn Add-A-Page (Shown Above)

You can add a change to your menu in a heartbeat
by utilizing the Sewn Add-A-Page- and it will match your current sewn edge menu covers, too!



All clear add a flaps.


All Clear Add-A-Flap (Shown Above)

You can add and change cards- either pre-printed or written-on-the-fly,
and insert them into your active menus in a jiffy.



Menucoverman.com all clear add-a-page inserts for sewn menu covers.

Add-A-Page (Shown Above)

A great way to instantaneously add a wine list into your menu, or add weekend specials,
or the specialties of a visting chef. It's a can-do proposition and you can do it easily!

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