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Just for fun.. here are some of the
spookiest restaurants in North America..

Come see what's happening at the spookiest restaurants in the USA!

Find a Halloween theme for your restaurant & bring in the revelers!!

The question now is, are you brave enough to visit these haunted restaurants and get your fill of specters while you sip on your soup?

Of course, you’re not guaranteed to see a ghost if you go, as the spirits tend to work on their own schedules.

But you better be prepared in case you do have a brush with the supernatural.

Read about the restaurants who have learned that Halloween is a time to bring in new patrons.. as well as the faithful.

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Halloween Theme Restaurants bring in the holiday traffic!

It’s not every day you can say that you felt a spiritual presence as you were unfolding a napkin in your lap, or that you catch a glimpse of a ghostly face from beyond the grave as you ate your dessert.

Are you looking to receive a shiver down your spine during your next meal out this Halloween season?

Dive in and indulge while you read this spooky scoop on some of the most haunted restaurants in North America.


Muriels Restaurant shows their Halloween colors.

Located in New Orleans in the heart of Jackson square, Muriel’s is a dining experience filled with a rich history of hauntings.

The building itself dates back to the 1700’s, when the location was believed to harbor slaves.  The Ghost table at Muriel's Jackson Square restaurant.residency’s final owner, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, bought the property in the 1800’s and built a dream home for his family.  Muriel’s ghost story began after Jourdan’s life came to a tragic end, following his suicide over the heart-breaking loss of gambling away his home during a poker game. Jourdan was so intent on not leaving the property, that he is believed to be haunting the restaurant to this day. 

While some might find the haunting of a former resident terrifying, Muriel’s has welcomed the ghost and made him a VIP at the restaurant.  There is one table that is always reserved, set with wine and bread each night for this special guest. The restaurant believes that he appears as a sparkling light throughout the establishment, and is a welcomed kindred spirit. 

Muriel’s is said to have some other ghosts too, as customers and workers have experienced moving objects, shadows, whispering voices, and some forcefully shattering glasses. However, the restaurant welcomes the activity, as it provides a unique ambiance that complements their award-winning contemporary cuisine and old historical feel.


Brennans restaurant experiments with holiday themes to drive patron traffic.

Another spooky eatery located in New Orleans is Brennan’s Restaurant.

The employees of this establishment have more than just their managers to worry about, as this Brennan's restaurant is haunted!  But only around is believed to be haunted by several spirits associated with the restaurant's past. One of the spirits is said to be the former Chef Paul Blange, whose delicious dishes can still be found on the Brennan's banana’s menu cover today. Blange worked at the established restaurant for decades, was said to be extremely devoted to his craft, and was credited for helping build the esteemed reputation of the restaurant. The chef was so devoted in fact, that he was buried with the restaurant's menu and a knife and fork across his chest. With such undying devotion to the establishment, it is no surprise that the spirit of the chef would keep an eye on the place.  His spirit is believed to have remained in the kitchen since his death in 1977, and has even been reported banging pots and pans to mark the end of the night's shift.

Blange however, is not the only devotee still residing on the premises. Herman Funk, who played a big role in developing the restaurant's impressive collection of wines and spirits, is believed to haunt the wine cellar.  Funk allegedly still makes his preference of wine known, by signaling his selection with the clink of a bottle. Brennan’s fully accepts the haunting escapades of the dead, even offering the use of their red dining room. This is the former scene of a murder-suicide committed by the former owner, who killed his son and wife before hanging himself. The room is tucked away on the second floor of the restaurant and is lit with chandeliers for the most chilling and haunted dining experience.


Sir Winstons Restaurant has learned that Halloween is a time to bring in new patrons.. as well at the faithful.

Sir Winston’s is a floating restaurant located on The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. 

The boat was made in the 1930's in Scotland and has had many voyagers, including Hollywood Queen Mary's generator controls.celebrities and even some royalty.  The ship was very lavish at the time and had several dining rooms, pools, a grand ballroom, a small squash room and even a small hospital. Its luxury came to an end however, when it entered service during World War II and was used as a troopship. The ship has had 49 reported deaths in its history, which means there are plenty of spirits that are believed to occupy the ship. 

Sir Winstons knows the value of a spooky Halloweened Theme atmosphere.The restaurant offers a “Dine with the Spirits” meal followed by a ghost tour. The adventure begins with a five-star dinner in the award-winning restaurant before patrons embark on the now famous ghost tour.  The ghost tour is led by a paranormal activity expert and explores all the haunted spots of the ship, including the telling of scary stories from the ship’s haunted past.

The Queen Mary also offers other spirit adventures including an investigation with the use of a “spirit box,” which detects paranormal activity.  Guests can also participate in the Spirit Walk, which is led by a paranormal psychic and teaches you to use your own senses to detect spirits. The Queen Marry embraces their haunted history and welcomes people to come explore the possibilities with its fun on-board experience.


Catfish restaurant utilizes Halloween chic to speak to its customers.

Catfish Plantation, a restaurant with the slogan “serving soul and spirits” offers a fresh serving of fear with your meal.

Catfish Restaurant honors Halloween every year!The owners of the restaurant, Tom and Melissa Baker, bought the Waxahachie, Texas property in 1984 for its charm, which they soon discovered included paranormal activity. With occurrences like moving dishes, finding fresh brewed coffee, and fry shakers levitating, paranormal investigators claim that the Catfish Plantation hosts several spirits.  The speculated spirits include a man who likes to flirt with guests, a bitter previous owner, and a girl who is confused with her surroundings. 

The Bakers have embraced their haunted establishment and believe that all the spirits are positive and friendly. 

The Catfish Plantation
was even featured on the Travel Channel, which showcased their ghostly tales. The restaurant is dedicated to offering delicious Cajun-style cuisine, while never losing sight of their haunted traditions. They readily entertain guests by offering after-hour ghost tours and other fun events.


Stones Public House believes in showmanship around Halloween time.

This Ashland, Massachusetts bar is claimed to be haunted by John Stone, the original owner of the former Inn.

Stones public house- the haunted restaurant in Massachusetts.John Stone still haunts his old tavern...Stone began his terror streak when he murdered one of his boarders for cheating in a card game and burying him with the help of some witnesses.  He continues the streak and haunts the restaurant by grazing customers’ necks and hurling glasses from shelves. 

The paranormal activity of the property dates back to 1984, when a previous owner reported lights turning themselves on, doors unbolting on their own, and the feeling of an unseen presence.  The current restaurant owner is intrigued by the haunting and is interested in possibly digging up the rumored buried body.  Stone’s Public House is located by a set of rail road tracks that undoubtedly add to its ghostly characteristics. 

The restaurant prides itself on its fine food, friendly service, and the possibility of “a whisper of spirits not to be found anywhere else!”


Beardslee Restaurant wows its patrons with holiday themes- including All Hallow's Eve!

Located in Little Falls New York, this mock Irish castle is sure to scare the speculation out of anyone.

Beardslee Castle's restaurant hosts an annual Halloween Party.The Castle's current owners purchased the property in 1994, completely restoring it and bringing the structure back to its original state.  The restoration might have rid the property of Ghosthunters at Beardslee Castle.dust but could not shed its ghostly history.  With first-rate ghostly incidents like shattering glasses, moving objects, and slamming doors, the restaurant landed itself a spot on the popular T.V. show, Ghost Hunters.

The property is believed to have hosted a variety of terrors that contribute to its haunting history.  The tales range from a bride named Abigail dying on the property the night before her wedding, to a former owner hanging himself in the ladies bathroom, to Native Americans being killed there in the 1700’s.

The restaurant fully embraces their past by sharing their ghost stories and even hosting weddings at the property.  Beardslee Castle also has a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater that includes dinner and a show. The show is comparable to a real life game of clue, with the mystery being resolved just in time for dessert.

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