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General Information

• Most of The MenuCoverMan’s menu covers can be customized with your logo or establishment name by fabrication of a metal die to imprint and recess your logo onto your product. Once created, that die will belong to you, and be stored by us, for future work.

• Foil stamping (imprinting and recessing with color) or Blind Debossing (imprinting and recessing without color) are available.

• You can also choose from MenuCoverMan products that utilize your own artwork or image (Digitally or Engraved).

• Most of the Menucoverman's products are made in the USA & Canada. A handful of products are imported from Asia. logo bar, pretty in deep red and Mahogany.
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 MenuCoverMan General Information Page

1.  Logo Customization Submission Requirements

Please email your logo to in the following format:


     ·      Black & White  
     ·      EPS, AI (recommended) 
     ·      300 dpi Jpeg or Tiff 
     ·      Fine Lines, 5 pt minimum 
     ·      Lettering 24 pt minimum.

2.  Artwork Re-Work Fees
Logos not submitted in a useable format may be reworked by our Art Department with your approval for a standard $90/hour charge.

3.  Typesetting
We are happy to set type if you don't have artwork. We can present your restaurant's name in a wide variety of typestyles for your perusal.   The art work die fee charge is $75.  Please provide your recommended font, font size (lettering 24 pt minimum), as well as your layout and positioning of the text on the cover, or call 888-777-4522 to discuss your ideas.

  Click on this line to view high-resolution sample typestyles for your menu covers.

4.  Logo Locations
Your customization can be printed in the location of your choice, however, most customers choose from one of the following options:

     ·       Optical Center: Slightly above Dead Center
Dead Center: Centered both vertically and horizontally
     ·       Lower Right Hand Corner

5.  Foil Stamping / Blind Debossing Charges
Logo, each color (one die, one size): $75.00 One-Time Fee (not incurred on re-orders); No per-menu-cover stamping fee.  Second Stamping Fee $2.00 per color (not including 1st color) per menu cover.  

6.  Foil Stamping and Colors
This process involves the fabrication of a metal die that imprints and recesses your logo onto your product with the application of foil colors.  Please note that foil chemical properties can vary from color to color and, therefore, certain product/foil combinations may not be appropriate.  Color proofs are provided via email at no additional charge.

7.  Foil Colors
Gold, Silver, Black – Other colors available upon request.

8.  Blind Debossing
This process involves the fabrication of a metal die that imprints and recesses your logo onto your product without the application of foil colors.  Color proofs are provided via email at no additional charge.

9.  Laser Engraving
This process involves laser etching of your logo onto the wood cover.  $120.00 One-time fee applies.  Oversized logos may incur additional pre-approved fee.  No foil colors available.  

10.  Pre-Production Samples
Orders for customized samples of products prior to full production runs can be produced.  Your foil stamp / blind deboss fee ($120) will apply (not incurred again at full order placement unless the logo or logo size changes).  An additional labor / set-up fee of $90.00 also applies.  
11.  Proofs
Color proofs / spec sheets are provided via email at no additional charge for all customized products.  Proof approval must be verified and returned via email or fax prior to order proceeding to production.  Please note that some changes to proofs may be chargeable.

Quotes assist you in the overall assessment of your menu cover project. Our estimates provide you with your net pricing, customization and production lead times upon request.

13. Orders
Orders may be placed as follows: Fax, Online, Email, or Verbal. We reserve the industry-standard right to ship and bill for 5% over or under the quantity ordered. The following product information is required for menu cover order placement:

     ·      Cover Name (type)
     ·      Insert size
     ·      Number of views
     ·      Color
     ·      Customization (foil stamp or blind deboss)
     ·      Quantities

14. Minimums
Minimums are set to provide you with the best available price. Some products can be produced for less than the stated minimums, however a $90 fee generally applies. Please call for details.

15. Sizes
All sizes referenced on this website are the actual “insert” size (Insert=Paper). For example, when ordering an 8.5” x 11” menu cover, the inserts going into each pocket will measure 8.5” x 11”. Custom sizes are available in many different menu cover styles. Please call for quotes.

16. Terms
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, certified checks and checks and are accepted. Personal Money Orders are not accepted.

The following information is required for payment via credit card:

     ·      Credit Card Number,
     ·      Credit Card Expiration Date,
     ·      Exact Name on Credit Card,
     ·      Credit Card Billing Address.

When paying by credit card, the ship to address that you provide us must generally be the same as your credit card billing address. If it is different, then we will request pre-payment by check, and we must wait until your check clears before goods are shipped.

17. Colors
Color representations on this website may vary slightly from actual material colors. Material colors can vary based on dye lots. For precise color-matching, material swatches are available for all products.

18. Samples
Request a free sample. $12.50 S/H per sample.

19. Production Lead Times
Production lead times vary by season and volume of in-house orders. Please advise of deadlines as every effort will be made to accommodate your reasonable schedule. Expedited shipping, at your expense, may be necessary to insure meeting your in-hand date.

20. Shipping
Shipping and Handling charges are FOB Rochester, NY. All orders are shipped via UPS unless otherwise specified. We are not responsible for delays in transit. Customers may provide their own UPS, FedEx, and DHL account numbers, if preferable. Priority Ship Dates may be available for customized orders. Chargeable expedited shipping may be necessary to accommodate your deadlines.

Fuel prices are in constant flux, and therefore shipping charges are no longer provided on the website. However, all shipping charges will be advised, and your approval sought, before any order is processed, even if you've placed your order on this website.

21. UPS Estimated Shipping Times in the United States
Estimated shipping transit times via UPS Ground are based on the following:
• Zip Codes beginning with 0, 1, 2 - 1 to 2 business days.
• Zip Codes beginning with 3, 4 - 2 to 3 business days.
• Zip Codes beginning with 5, 6, 7 - 3 to 4 business days.
• Zip Codes beginning with 8, 9 - 4 to 5 business days. is not responsible for delays in transit.

Yes, we regularly ship to Alaska and Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and all territories and possessions of the United States.

22. Returns
• A Return Authorization (RA) Number is mandatory and can be issued by a Customer Service Representative within 10 days (only) of customer’s receipt of product. For ID purposes, Return Authorization Numbers must be clearly marked on the outside of all packages being returned.
• Returns must be received within 10 days of Return Authorization Number being issued.
• An authorized return may be returned for replacement or credit, less 25% restocking fee and only after inspection and approval.
• All returns must be in the same condition as originally received.
• Customized and non-stock items are non-returnable.

23. Cleaning and Storage Recommendations
Products should be maintained by wiping exterior with a slightly damp cloth. No chemicals should be used on any products. We do not recommend menu boxes for storage.

24. MenuCoverMan Stock Imprints
The chart below indicates imprints generally available for many MenuCoverMan products. You can greatly enlarge the imprints much bigger than life size, in order to see with 100% certainty the typestyle and the mood it creates. Simply click anywhere in the chart below.


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