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 Chicago Menu Board
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Your beautiful and new Chicago Menu Board Menu Covers
allow you to create and install large amounts of custom materials.

You can do that simply because your menuboard comes apart.
That allows you to increase, decrease and swap what you'e got to promote simply and quickly.

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CHICAGO - A destination for foodies everywhere!
Chicago Menu Board Frontspiece.
Chicago Menu Board is the place where rich color & bold texture hooks up
with fast flexibility to change menus, & have as many pages as you like.

Dining out in Chicago, Illinois. Menu covers by

Chicago Menu Board

Menucoverman free menu covers imprinting.
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Chicago is the place where rich color & bold texture hooks up with fast flexibility to change menus, & have as many pages as you like.

MenuCoverMan's Chicago Menu Board offers Unique, Gorgeous & Custom Menu Covers made in our factory... just for YOU!

Experience a level of excitement not possible before.. it's real, accessible, distinct & available.

That's Chicago Menu Board!

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Menu made in the USA covers.
Custom Imprinted
Restaurant Menu Boards
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Your easy solution to big menus, menus which change by the hour, & menus which stand up to intense usage!

• Casebound Cover.

• Slimline lightweight design.

• Detachable hinge with screw posts, which are included.

• Easily accommodates up to 12 Pages.

• Create one-of-a-kind designs!

• TOTALLY imprintable!

• In demand & in style.

Greatly enlarge this sample right now, & see more Chicago Menu Board creations, & all sample swatches & finishes.


 This particular product varies widely in color and finish,
 and can be beautifully crafted in a large variety of ways.

 $1.00 is simply a door opener, and is based on as many
 precise particulars you wish to achieve with Chicago Menu Board. 

 You won't actually be charged for that $ 1.00.  So, feel free to enter
 your needs here in the cart, or ask your representative to do it for you.  

 However we do it, we'll make certain that you will receive an ultra high  quality, appropriate and definitive USA made product...
 and it will serve you well for years and years to come!   

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 quantity in the cart.

Chicago Menu Board

  ..a perfect & amazingly unique menu every time to showcase your artistry.

Carving station.

"A T-bone is just a NY Strip with a bone in it, and a little piece of filet on the far side of the bone.”   
 ~Justin Levy~


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Delivery in the USA and Canada daily.
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Four easy steps to design
your own very unique Chicago Menu Board..


Step 1

Material finishes.
Step 1 -
Choose a board material for your front & back cover, which will also be your hinge material.

Horizontal hinged boards- higher than wide- with the binding & screwposts at the top, & only a bottom cover, so that the top page of your menu is front & center- are doable & currently very popular.

See the enlargements page to view all the materials & colors at once.

Chicago menu board line drawing.As every Chicago Menu Board creation is different, ordering by shopping cart doesn't allow for the back & forth required to pin down all the nuances.

So, please, after you've looked over this section- & the "enlarge page," pick up the phone & give us a call at 888-777-4522 with your ideas & what you'd like to accomplish. We'll work out all the details for you, & quote you a sharp price pronto.

Naturally, we'll include your artwork on any front cover..



Step 2

Step 2 -
Select either the vertical or horizontal spine position.
Chicago menu board hing arrangements.


Step 3

Step 3 -
Choose a screw post color:
                            Black or Silver.
Gold screw post.


Step 4

Step 4 -
Use with Clear Three-Hole Punched Menu Protectors to hold & protect all your page inserts.

Please specify matte or gloss finish.

The image to the right doesn't show the three holes, but trust us- yours will have them!

Clear sheet protector.



Ask for a Quote in the shopping cart.

You can call us anytime at 888-777-4522 in the USA & Canada, or you can put your info in now & we'll get back to you.

As every Chicago Menu Board creation is different, ordering by shopping cart doesn't allow for the back & forth required to pin down all the nuances.

'Placing your order' here simply means putting in all your contact information.

Your credit card will not be charged, & there is absolutely no obligation.

We will call you to pin down exactly what you want- the size, the material finish, the imprint if any, the quantity- & then you'll receive a detailed Quote. The end result is worth the effort!!

When you approve the Quote, then we'll proceed with producing your valued Order.


Request a quote for..
Chicago Menu Board

Chicago restaurants utilize Chicago Menu Board menu covers from

Much is

SO, how much is a Chicago Menu Board?

Pricing for the exciting Chicago Menu Board varies widely based on three factors:

     A) The material being specified. Materials vary widely in price.

     B) The number of menu boards being ordered. The more you order, the lower the price.

     C) The configuration & size of the product.

Please call 888-777-4522 to discuss what most interests you, and we'll roll out the Red Carpet!

CHICAGO AT DUSK. One of MenuCOverMan's important restaurants.

The Club Tavern and Grill Beautiful Restaurant.


Chicago Menu Board Particulars -
Chicago Menu Board - A
Chicago Menu Board B

Learning how to dip our food....

Learning the best ways to dip...


Chicago Menu Board - C

Chicago Menu Board - D

Chicago Menu Board Family Photo of Products from



Tuxedo Leather Wooden Corners



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Chicago Menu Board

Chicago Menu Board 2


Free customer art, free die, free imprinting.

Menucoverman free menu covers imprinting.


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