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 Genuine Leather Menu Covers
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And a good time was had by all at our favorite restaurant!
Beautiful Genuine Leather Menu Covers from Los Angeles to Miami to Maine... and Canada too!

Turn Club Beauty Shot.

Genuine Leather Turn Club Grill for Restaurant Greatness
NOW Experience Tasteful Genuine Leather Covers!

Genuine leather menu covers from MenuCoverMan.com

Leather menu cover on the dining room table.




Rustic and timeless, your brand new Genuine Leather line elevates your menu presentation in a simple yet tasteful and elegant manner.

Flexible oil-tanned leather is available in classic black and brown shades.

Brown leather weathers over time as it creases and folds. Each cover ages uniquely, enhancing the subtle mood.

This new 8.5” x 11” size Portfolio holds 11” x 17” folded paper with an elastic band. Accessories are sold separately.

The 8.5” x 11” 3-Ring Binder holds individual sheets of paper. The check presenter is 5” x 8.5”, with a spacious 4” x 5.5” pocket to hold multiple sizes of checks, receipts and credit cards.

Formal dinner table now set for the meal.
      Elegant Restaurant Photo by Bady Abbas on Unsplash

Genuine Leather Menu Covers for your restaurant are now here!

Made in USA
Premium quality menu covers.




Free Delivery

Advantage menu covers fresh from the factory to you.

Your brand new highest quality Cafe Menu Covers are expertly designed & produced in our USA factory by capable & dedicated American craftspeople. Count on it.


Genuine Leather Menu Covers are available in BLACK and BROWN exterior shades.
The images directly below reveal the INSIDE leather finish, and the material grain and color of that inside craftsmanship.
Genuine Leather Menu Covers Genuine Leather Menu Holders

Image Courtesy of Pexels Creative Vix • 37984

Genuine leather guest check presenter.

••• Portfolio •••
••• Ring Binder •••
• Check Presenter

MenuCoverMan — Supplying excellent restaurants just like yours... since 1978.
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    A rustic elegance ideal for establishments looking     
    to accentuate their timeless style, the Genuine

    Leather is soft, supple and luxurious to the touch.

    Known for its strength and durability, the

    flexible  leather will weather naturally, and

    crease and fold over time, creating a unique and

    personalized look for each of your menu covers.

    A rustic elegance ideal for establishments looking

accentuate their timeless style, the Genuine 

  Leather is soft, supple and luxurious to the touch.


 Genuine Leather
Menu Covers
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& Description
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25 to 49 
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50 to 99 
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Genuine leather Portfolio.

Genuine Leather


8.5" Wide x 11" Tall

12" Black or Brown
Elastic Band with Silver Ball.

Please Note:
The Elastic Band is sold separately.

See row directly below to order Elastic Bands for Portfolio.

$ 49.  

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 quantity in the cart.   
$ 48.  

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 quantity in the cart.   
$ 47.  

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Portfolio Genuine Leather - Elastic Bandand Silver Ball closeup.

Portfolio Elastic Band
Holds Your Menu In Place


    The price shown in this row
    is per 100 Elastic Bands.

    You are purchasing Elastic Bands       when you order from this row.

    The image to the left is for
    context. The elastic band is the     removable and flexible black 
    band in the center of the image.

    The small metal ball is typically     positioned at the bottom of the     menu cover. Please select
    'BLACK'. The ball will be     automatically inclued.


$ 98.  

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 quantity in the cart.   
 Genuine Leather
Menu Covers
Stock Number
& Description
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when you buy ..  

25 to 49 
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50 to 99 
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Ring Binder Genuine Leather Menu Cover
Ring Binder
Genuine Leather


8.5" Wide x 11" Tall

Thumnail of Advantage Menu CoverThis Ring Binder Menu Cover will hold your printed menu inserts that are
8.5" Wide x 11" Tall.

Click for optional
chip board stiffeners.
$ 54.  
$ 53.  
$ 52.  

Genuine leather Guest Check Presenter with a corner pocket.
Guest Check Protector

Genuine Leather


5" Wide x 8.5" Tall

Thumnail of Advantage Menu CoverThis single-pocket cover will hold your printed menu inserts that are
5" Wide x 8.5" Tall.

Click for optional
chip board stiffeners.

$ 35.  
$ 34.  
$ 33.  

Genuine Leather MenuCoverMan Covers... just for you!

Please follow these instructions for maximizing
the care and beauty of your new Genuine leather products here.

Sunset dining in Vancouver Canada. french dining menu covers Server carrying beautiful meals to table.


Please also consider MenuCoverMan's affordable, durable and
available Cafe Menu Covers. This tried and true product line
is in-stock, comes in a wide variety of sizes, and will
certainly delight you... and your patrons too!

Highest Quality USA Made Menu Covers with a gorgeous fabric edge design.

Click here, or the picture directly above, and find out
more about your highest-quality 'Made In USA'
fabric-edge café menu covers.


Genuine Leather Menu Covers - This one, without inscription.


You can find exactly what you are
looking for in EASY SEARCH right now!



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The Mach One - Barbeque & Condiment Holder


The MACH-1, MACH-2 & MACH-3 Restaurant Condiments, Paper Towels or Paper Napkins & Menu Holders All-In-One Unit from MenuCoverMan.com
are designed to please both patrons & management.

Keep everything neat & organized on every table, & make refilling easy, too. Ultra long-life & solidly constructed commercial-grade unit is designed for heavy usage.

This is a mainstream product that will stand up to the test of time. Easy to clean, & easy to carry. It's the real deal! Mach's are at work in Barbeque Restaurants and outdoor venues throughout the USA and Canada. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE!

Convenient top handle lets you carry your holders back to a central station for cleaning & refilling. It makes table & spills cleanup infinitely easier than old-fashioned handleless units..
just lift & wipe!

The great Mach Line is available exclusively from MenuCoverMan.com



Inserts, Stiffeners and Page Protectors...
Tell us what you need, and we'll assist you in making it all work.

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Let's plan for the future... today!

"Let's plan today... for a brighter tomorrow!"

couple toasting Great meals start with great menu covers- from Menucoverman.com! Menu covers for the gold clubhouse. Bright edge menu covers. Canadian restaurant menu covers.


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