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New and fresh menu covers make a difference.

Most Popular Café Menu Covers

1. Advantage® Leatherette Edge
    & Spine Café Menu Covers

2. Vogue® Nylon Fabric Edge &     Spine Café Menu Covers

3. Metro® Contemporary Clear     Edge & Spine Café Menu Covers

4. Retro® 50's Clear Edge &     Fabric Spine Café Menu Covers

5. Fiesta® Mexican Translucent     Tinted Edge Café Menu Covers

6. Simplicity® BoxSTOCK
    Café Menu Covers - Save $$$

Lowest US/Canada Price By Far!

7. Lucent® GOOD– ALL-CLEAR
    Vinyl Menu Covers - Save $$$

8. Clarity® BEST- ALL-CLEAR
    Vinyl Menu Covers - Save $$$

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Your Popular Menu Covers
Advantage Leatherette Edge
Allanté Padded & Stitched
All-Clear Heat-Sealed Vinyl
Augusta/Ball, Tassel Elastics
Augusta Spirals for Big Menus
Bistro/Most Avail Finishes
Cascade Casebound - Great value!

Clarity® Brand All-Clear
Virgin-Vinyl Menu Covers

All clear menu vinyl covers. Here's the complete selection.. many sizes, different configurations- Clarity® all clear vinyl menu covers are inexpensive, & they're 100% in stock & can ship out today.

This is a great choice where "truly low cost" meets "easy to clean!"
 All sizes
instock symbol

Chesterfield Country Club
Chicago Menu Board
Copper Patina
Cork Mediterranean Look
Delight Two-Toned Covers

Table tents, including this elegant Bistro table tent, assist you in increasing your average ticket size.
"Pitch with
your tent!"

A great selection of table tents, from inexpensive to very elegant, allow you to talk to your patron throughout the meal- & increase your ticket size.

Eastman Photo Cover
Fiesta Mexican Menu Covers
nav downHampton Techno
Harley Deluxe
Harley New York Chic
Iridescent Reflects Light

 Your Deal of the Day..
Boxstock Stitched Menu Cover 2 Panel 8.5x11

BoxSTOCK™ Menu Covers
2 Panel • 4 View • 8.5" x 11"
Stitched $2.19 Each - BX/25
Free Shipping - In Stock
$99 order gets Free Shipping
$14.50 Guaranteed Flat Rate under $99

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Leather - Genuine Leather
Lucent Clear Vinyl Menu Covers
Madison Menu Covers
Magnetic Menu Boards

Elegant Country Club Table Mats
Country Club Table Mats coordinate with your club or restaurant's decor, & add the distinguishing statement of impeccable taste & recognition.

Metallics - Brushed
Metro Contempo Cafe
Monticello DieCut
Pacifico Budget Pajco
Pajco Low-Cost

Guest check presenters and guest check holders.
Keep the experience of graceful presentation alive right up until your guest's departure.

Order the Menucoverman's suave Guest Check Presenters today.

Available in soft feel & hardback finishes.

Pinehurst for Large Menus
nav down Retro Cafe
Sedona Southwest
Seville Deluxe

A grand selection of restaurant placemats awaits you at

6 different styles of placemats make your choice easy!

Smooth, textured, Sports Series, Woven Vinyl & Tightweave® Woven Vinyl Restaurant Placemats are worth a peek!

Seville Value
Simplicity Nylon Fabric Edge
Slimline Two-View's
Spiral Bound Covers

Clear acrylic restaurant table stands.

Acrylic Table Stands are an important component today in assisting you in maximizing profitability.

Patrons appreciate the clarity of information that is available to them throughout their dining experience.

Stratford Brasserie - Casebound
Tamarac - Classic Look
Tuxedo Leather Menu Covers
Vinyl Budget Imprinted Covers

Three sided table tents can be seen from any direction on your restaurant's dining table.

Compass Three-Sided Table Tents broadcast your message in all directions.. or have something different to say from each unique vantage point.

Three-sided table tents feature a hardboard core, album-style corners, magnetic closures & clear sheet protectors to keep your content clean.

Vogue Nylon Fabric Edge
Wood Covers - Carve Your Name

New York Restaurant Menu Covers and waiter taking dinner order.
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All Products - Alphabetically
A-Frame Sidewalk Chalkboards
Acrylic Table Stands
Add-A-Pages & Add-A-Flaps
Allanté Padded Imprintable Covers
All Clear Vinyl Menu Covers

Wire menu and condiment holder.
Price shown per each when buying 24 pcs.

The MACH-1 BBQ Coated Wire Restaurant Menu & Condiments Holder from the Menucoverman is designed to please both patrons & management.

Keep everything neat & organized on every table, & make refilling easy, too.

Aprons for Waiters
Aprons, Imprinted
Augusta Menu Covers

Hotel in-room directory.

Make an organized, coherent & smart presentation of your hotel's services, phone extensions, health spas, restaurants & what's happening in the vicinity.

Augusta With Spiral Pages
Authentic Wood Binder
Authentic Wood Menu Covers

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Barbed Elastics for Menu Covers
nav downBBQ Caddie for Condiments
Beer Mugs
Beverage Napkins
Bistro Menu Covers

Enjoy the complete line of bistro and waist and tuxedo aprons for your restaurant's waiters, waitress, waitstaff and waitpersons.
Sharp looking & easily cleaned- waitstaff aprons are in stock for immediate shipment to you.

Tuxedo, bistro bi, half-bistro & waist aprons are priced right.

Custom fibers don’t shrink & never need ironing. An intelligent choice: color-fast & stain resistant too.

Please take a look.

Bistro Check Presenters
Bistro Table Tents
Bistro Wine Lists

USA & Canada Deliveries
The menucoverman delivers to Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & Vancouver, and everywhere in Canada, every single day.

Menucoverman delivers throughout the USA & Canada every single day.

Live, real & down-to-earth US & Canadian phone representatives serve you with on target information, courtesy & aplomb, wherever you may be.

Café Menu Covers - Deluxe
Café Menu Covers - Budget
Captain's Books

Quality menu covers at

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Captain's Desk Blotter
Cascade Casebound
Casual Dining Placemats
Chalkboards, for Wine & Menu

A-Frame Restaurant Sidewalk Chalkboard

A-Frame restaurant grade outdoor high-quality chalkboard sign. Beautiful solid oak wood frame with hinged top.

Available in 5 standard finishes.

Dimensions: 24" x 36" chalkboard on each side.

Chalkboards, Sidewalk A-Frame
Check, Guest Checks
Check Presenters

The Menuroll from showcases your specials, desserts and drinks in high fashion.
Never has there been a better 'silent salesman' than Menucoverman's Menu-Roll Stand.

It's got an exciting appeal that always remains fresh.

The desserts, drinks & specials you showcase on the Menuroll Roll Table Top Stand get ordered all day long.

Wood & Acrylic bases in-stock.

Chef's Coats
Chef's Hats
Chef's Jackets

Talented waiter in a busy restaurant.
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Restaurant placemats add a touch of class to your catering or restaurant operation.

Durable classic restaurant placemats are indicated at a variety of eating & catering venues.

Imprint your establishment's name to express your image. Made of soft expanded vinyl.

Chesterfield Menu Covers
Chicago Menu Board-ScrewPosts
Chipboard Stiffeners, Menu Cover

Palm fronds preprinted menu covers insert papers.

Open the floodgates of your creativity by choosing Trim-Fit Pre-Printed Menu Insert Papers.

Craft professional content for your new Menucoverman menu covers, or your exisitng menu covers.

Clarity Heat-Sealed Vinyl
Clear Spiral Menu Covers
Clear Vinyl Menu Covers

Woven casual dining placemats are easy to clean.
Contempo Woven Vinyl Placemats

Add elegance to your tabletop with great textures & colors that create an everlasting impression for your guests.

ColdStor™ Rolling Bin
Colored Vinyl Covers
Condiments Holder BBQ
Contempo Woven Vinyl Placemats

Menu clips make attaching specials quick and simple.

Attach specials, announcements & coupons. It's too easy!

1-3/4" clear plastic clips have an adhesive back. Just peel & stick. 200 per bag.

Copper Menu Covers
Cork Menu Covers
Custom Imprinting Guidelines
Custom Menu Covers

Got a big winelist? Talk to the Menucoverman today!
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Delight Hardback Menu Covers
Dessert Lists
nav downDigital Wine Lists

Diner Menu Covers
Dunnage Racks
Eastman Menu Covers

Restaurant reservations books.

Keep your reservations straight, & accurately fill time slots for maximum client service & profitable throughput.

Padded. 1/2" three-ring-binder style. "Reservations" foil stamped in Gold on bottom right corner.

ECONO-Heater for Dining Rooms
Elastics for Menu Covers
Envelopes, Restaurant - Imprinted
Fiesta Mexican Menu Covers
Flashing Neon Sign Boards

You don't have to spend a lot to get great menu covers.
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Glasses, Drinking
Guest Check Presenters
Guest Checks
Hampton Menu Covers
Harley New York Menu Covers

Add-A-Pages make changing your menu a snap.

With changing conditions, & ever moving restaurant dynamics, you need the ability to quickly modify your menu with the time of day, the event, the holiday, the chef.. you know the drill.

Add-A-Pages give you that flexibility in spades.

Harley Deluxe Menu Covers
Hotel In Room Directory
Leather Menu Covers
Lucent All Clear Vinyl Menu Covers
Luncheonette Menu Covers
Madison Menu Covers

Wine glasses for bars and restaurants.

Wine glasses in scores of shapes & styles ship from stock.

Imprinted wine & drink glasses allow you to put your name and/or logo on each glass, & hand them out on special occasions.

Your name will be seen in their living & dining room throughout the year, reminding them to return to you.

Menu Boards, Magnetic
Menu Chalkboards for the Wall
Menu Clips - Hold Specials In Place
Menu & Condiments Holder
Menu Papers, Print Your Own Menu

Imprinted menu covers fast from
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Menu Roll Stands
Metallics Menu Covers
Metro Menu Covers

Elastics, tassels, cords & barbs.

Affix your menu in appropriate menu covers with traditional elastic cords.

Elastics can have decorative tassels or rounded 'barbs'

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Monticello Die Cut Menu Covers
Napkins, Dinner
Napkins, Custom Imprinted

Microfiber cleaning cloths for your entire restaurant.

You really don't have to pay a lot for microfiber cleaning cloths.

Clean your kitchen, & your entire restaurant the easy way.

The most economical alternative, as cloths can be used over & over again.

Pacifico Budget Pajco Menu Covers
Pajco Low-Cost Menu Covers
Patina Copper Menu Covers
Pinehurst ScrewPost Menu Covers

Cheap cafe menu covers.
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Placemats, Vinyl, Imprintable
Placemats, Paper, Imprinted
Preprinted Menu Papers
Rattan Menu Covers

Deluxe sewn guest check presenter in nylon or leatherette edge.

Imagine a guest check presenter where nothing is hidden. Folks don't leave without taking their credit card! You don't have to run after them anymore.

Plus- this is a truly economical alternative. Available in both Leatherette & Nylon stitiched-edge models.

Recycle Bins
Restaurant Owner Resources
Restaurant Sign Boards

Have your restaurant's name stamped on fine menu covers.

Reservations Book
Restaurant Guest Checks
Restaurant Menu Covers
Retro 50's Menu Covers

Grand opening? Trust the menucoverman to get your new menu covers to you fast.
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Restaurant Table Tents
Roll Stands
Sandwich Menu Boards, No Imprint
Sandwich Menu oards, Imprinted
Sedona Faux Leather Menu Covers
Seville Value Menu Covers

Sanitary plastic dunnage racks for kitchen, restaurant & hospitality applications.

Store incoming bulk foods on easily-cleaned, non-rusting & quickly moved & reset plastic dunnage racks.

Works in any refrigeration environment, including walk-in freezers.

Superior air flow system prevents condensation & bacteria build up. One piece seamless plastic construction.

Seville Deluxe Menu Covers
Sewn Cover Accessories
Sewn Pajco Menu Covers

Restaurant reservations books.

Keep your reservations straight, & accurately fill time slots for maximum client service & profitable throughput.

Padded. 1/2" three-ring-binder style. "Reservations" foil stamped in Gold on bottom right corner.

Sidewalk Signs
Slimline Menu Covers
Spiral Bound Clear Menu Covers
Stratford Brasserie Menu Covers
Table Mats - Imprintable

Wine and drink list covers at
Table Stands - Acrylic
nav downTable Tents - All Styles
Table Tents - More Ideas
Tamarac Menu Covers
Tasseled Elastics
Tassel Menu Covers
T-Roll Stands

Imprinted restaurant guest checks.

Take orders quickly!

Sized to fit in apron or uniform pocket, these guest checks are great for restaurants of all sizes.

Plenty of space for server, table number, order details, more.

Tarifold for Handy Recipe Display
Tassels, Cords & Barbs
Textured Placemats
The Menu Roll

Wine lists with beautiful sleek illustrated covers for showcasing your wine collection at the point of service.

Your wine inventory investment is formidable these days- even if your offering is modest. Make the most of the point-of-sale.. talk to your patrons with Menucoverman's Wine List Covers.

With verve, panache & style, you'll portray your collection with the utmost confidence.

Three-Sided Table Tents
Tuxedo Leather Menu Covers
Vinyl Contempo Placemats
Vogue Nylon Fabric Edge Covers
Waiter's Jackets - White
Waitperson Pad Holders

All styles of menu covers for American diners.
menucoverman phone free 888-777-4522 Wine Wall Chalkboards
Wine Glasses
Wine List Covers
Wine Storage Racks

Stiffeners keep menu covers from flopping over.

Chip Board Stiffeners for Menu Covers.

If you find your stitched-edge menu covers flopping over, or you see your patrons holding them at the top and the bottom, you may wish to consider inserting low-cost stiffeners to fix the problem.

Wood Binders
Wood Menu Covers
Wood Reservations Book

Woven Casual Placemats
Restaurant Halloween Themes
Restaurant Rewards Program

The T-Roll stand gets your restaurant patron's attention in a big way.
Featuring thick, solid crystal-clear acrylic construction, Clearview T-Roll Metal Ring Table Tents / Stands guaranty a bold contemporary look.

It invites with a bold presence that gets their attention & has them flipping through the choices, & piping up about what they want.. right now!

Restaurant Profitability
Restaurants & Social Media
Restaurant Marketing Trends

Canadian restaurant waiter serving dinner in Toronto.
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Restaurant server holding menu covers.nav downExplore 50 exciting new menu covers- all on this one page.
Just SCROLL DOWN to see them- plus server aprons, table tents, placemats & many other fine products for your restaurant.
    Your lowest price cafe menu covers..

Cheap Simplicity Menu CoversFree Shippping Symbol
Simplicity® BoxSTOCK
Café Menu Covers
New & fresh.. premium quality menu covers will last for years.. & will ship out to you today.

Made with heavy-duty graphic-grade rigid vinyl- it stays flat. If your budget demands savings, you are in the right place. Price shown is for double-stitched 8.5" x 11" 6-view. Many other sizes & configurations & 99% in-stock. Ships today! Imported.

      & your longest lasting..
Low menu price jackets.
Advantage® Leatherette
Edge Café Menu Covers
Free Shippping SymbolThe most popular & longest-lasting cafe menu covers in North America. Refined stitching & high-strength. Many in-stock to ship out to you today.

Here's a tried & true cafe menu cover that's proven to last longer in busy environments than any other. Heavier, thicker-edged, more resilient, highest quality, double-stitched, elegant & just beautiful. Price shown is for 8.5" x 11" 6-view. Many sizes & configurations in-stock for shipment today. Made in USA.

     Translucent tinted edge & spine..
Fiesta Mexican Menu Covers.
Fiesta® Mexican-Themed Bright
Free Shippping Symbol& Colorful Edge Café Covers

Your patrons will marvel at the stunning color that shines right through the edge.

Yours is a bright & bustling restaurant where fun mixes with a festive lively ambience. Whether a proud Mexican restaurant, or any happening eatery looking for a lively, trendy & colorful cafe cover, this could be the one for you! Made in USA.

     & a clean clear edge & spine..Clear stitched covers.
Free Shippping SymbolMetro® Contempo Clear Edge
& Clear Spine Café Covers

Clear, lucid & dazzling, to be sure.

nav downThe colorful thread stitching shows right through the clear edges, & the spine is also see-through & crystal-clear. POPULAR due to its clean & fresh look! Your choice of colorful threads. Yes- think different. Made in USA.

   New York City chic..
      wherever you may call home.

Harley New York Menu Covers are here.
Free Shippping SymbolNew York Steakhouse
Menu Covers

Harley New York is the cosmopolitan statement. It's resilient, sophisticated & ready to engage. Picture your logo right there.

nav downCasebound padded covers with a sligth grain texture, & coordinating interior album-style corners (Green, Navy & Wine); also, Black interior album-style corners (Black, Brown, Butterscotch, Charcoal, Red & Nugget) Smooth flowing edges..there's no stitching. Made in USA.

    Folks just wanna have fun..
Retro menu covers.
Retro® Colored Spine
Clear Edge Café Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolThe 50's are more popular today than they were in the 50's. Hmmm....

They'll fall in love with you the moment you put this nostalgic cover in their hands.. memories of a happy time burst forth- they know they're in for a fun occasion when they start their dining experience. Made in USA.

 Resturant vinyl placemats.Contempo Woven Vinyl Placemats

 Distinguish your presentation. Add affordable elegance.
 Create a  memorable impression. Make a big change today.

 A coherent treatment yields a look of pleasurable uniformity
 & comfort to your dining room
.  Easy to clean, & now available in
 many beautiful designs & colors. Imported. Instock & ships today!

     Best imprinted CASEBOUND..
Stratford casebound menu covers.
Stratford Brasserie
Casebound Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolThe quality is in, & your name goes on.

Stratford Brasserie Menu Covers offer just the right balance of depth & light, & show off your name against a lustrous deep-field background. Refined imprinting process. Select sizes in stock, & ship today, or imprinted in just 5 business days.
Click the pic to view other impressive gold & silver foil imprinted samples. Made in USA.

  Your Very Best Nylon Fabric Edge
     Double Stitched Menu Covers

Sewn pajco menu covers highest quality.Vogue Superior Quality
Free Shippping SymbolDeluxe Café Menu Covers

Get to know Vogue, & you'll be thrilled with your choice. It's simply splendid.

You know you're giving your patrons the very best when you put a Vogue menu cover in their hands. The variety of nav downglistening fabric edge finishes available is tops in the industry.

Refined detail & appearance. These are the covers that last & last! Made in USA.
Smooth Sleek Imprinted Pajco
Sewn pajco menu covers highest quality.Free Shippping Symbol
Classic Pajco Highest
Quality Menu Covers

Sleek, refined & contemporary, here's
an imprinted cover with status + affordability.

Precision-made, premium & ready to work for you, sewn-edge Pajco is one of the proven winners for restaurant owners everywhere. Expertly imprinted with your logo. Made in USA.

  Refined Padded ImprintableHarley Deluxe Padded Menu Covers
Free Shippping SymbolHarley Deluxe Padded
Imprintable Menu Covers

A crisp, clean presentation sets the stage for gracious dining.

Coordinating interior, subtle grain pattern, deluxe gold corners, & the finest imprint quality. You'll be proud to offer these exceptional covers to your patrons
. Made in USA.
Clarity® Brand All-Clear
Virgin-Vinyl Menu Covers

All clear vinyl menu covers are not expensive.It's your least expensive
menu cover presentation.

NOW only $14.50 Guaranteed Flat Rate shipping for most All Clear Vinyl Menu Covers orders!

instock symbol

The edges are heat-sealed vinyl, they're sold by the dozen, & they're in stock for you right now. Many sizes, many configurations! Made in USA.

Great for casual dining restaurants. ACV all clear vinyl menu covers.
Clear vinyl covers are more popular than ever. Cheap menu cover price.. top notch quality!

Geared to the urban & upwardly mobile..
Delight menu covers let you be creative.
Free Shippping SymbolMadison Menu Covers

Nice grain, imprintable & nice to-the-touch.

A smart choice when your goal is to appeal to a savvy gourmand & still maintain a groove that speaks to the young urban patron.

Click the pic to see more exciting samples..
& life-size full-screen enlargements!

Made in USA.

   Pinehurst handles the largest menus
       & winelists in stride..

Pinehurst Menu Covers
Pinehurst Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolHave a large menu or winelist? Imagine displaying all your wonderful wines & spirits, or swapping out dinner or catering specials pages as needs request, easily.

Pinehurst promises a limitless listing of your offering.
Pinehurst utilizes a tried & true screwpost technology to get it done.

Also available equipped with a convenient high-capacity ring binder system. Made in USA.

   Two-toned sets a new tone..
Delight menu covers let you be creative.
Free Shippping SymbolDelight Menu Covers

Hardback, imprintable & smart looking.

These unique & expressive stitched-edge covers might be just right for you. Custom imprinted menu covers are available in a dazzling array of colors & matching or complementary trims. Click the pic to see more exciting samples.. & life-size full-screen enlargements! Made in USA.

    Revel in the New SouthWest..
Sedona New SouthWest Menu Covers.Free Shippping Symbol
Sedona Soft Faux
Leather Menu Covers

A leather look & feel sets an unmistakable mood to the start of any dining experience.

nav downSedona is the magical new menu cover
that allows you to have the prestige of expensive soft-grain leather- without the high price of leather. Your imprint will look particularly impressive on a pristine & new Sedona platform. Made in USA.

    Change your menu quickly..
Chicago menu board for active restaurants.
Chicago Menu Board

Free Shippping Symbol1. Print your menus.
2. Hole punch them.
3. Assemble with the screw posts supplied on the cover & VOILA!

nav down..a perfect & amazingly unique menu every time to showcase your artistry. Slim lightweight design. Detachable hinge. Easily accommodates up to 12 Pages. Create fetching one-of-a-kind designs.
Made in USA.

  Fun, fast & did we mention.. easy?
Magnetic Menu Boards are a snap to change.
Magnetic Menu Board

Free Shippping SymbolNEW Magnetic menu boards are a SNAP to change.

And, they're IN just about everywhere.. You don't have to open the menu cover up.. the magnetic hinge holds your menu securely for viewing.. what's to be seen is front & center - obvious, accessible & attention-grabbing. Made in USA.

     A timeless classic..
             & here for you.

 Tamarac menu covers have texture.
Tamarac Textured Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolElegance never goes out of style.

Padded textured finish adds an unexpected dimension- & the unique varying texture yields a classical sense of something timeless & refined. INSTOCK BLANK CAN SHIP TO YOU TODAY, or imprinted & shipped to you in just 5 days! Stocked in a classic Black, Brown & Grey finish, Two-View, 8.5" x 11" or 8.5" x 14". Made in USA.

    Direct, elegant & affordable,
 Slimline is the way to go..
Slimline menu covers are thinner than all the rest.
Slimline Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolTwo-view & thin, classy black album style interior corners hold your beautiful menus.

nav downEnjoy a slimmer profile than other casebound menu covers. Here's why: It's easy for your servers to carry to station, easy to retrieve, & easy to store where space is tight- without sacrificing appearance. Leather-like feel.. & thinner than all the rest! Made in USA.

   Genuine leather is for real.
Genuine leather has an appeal like no other menu cover.
Genuine Tuxedo Leather Covers

Genuine Tuxedo Leather. It's your classic & quintessential leather padded cover.. only top quality leather is employed to produce this impeccable menu cover.

These are sumptuous menu covers-
they feel good to hold in your hands- & are indicated for the very finest restaurants & nav downcountry club dining venues.

Not all leather menu covers are of the highest grade.. Menucoverman's are the best you can buy. Made in USA.

  Perennially popular. Built to last,
     & with the most available finishes.
Bistro menu covers are still number one.
Bistro Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolFor better restaurants everywhere, Bistro menu covers offer you the presentation you are looking for- contemporary, Tapas, Asian, Fusion, Continental & Cosmopolitan motifs.

Solid, rigid, casebound covers with album-style corners. More fabric & high-grade vinyl choices than you can shake a stick at. mprintable- & irresistable. Made in USA.

   Looks fabulous.. & costs less.
Seville menu covers family photo.
Seville Value Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolSeville menu covers deliver value while maintaining a positive & upbeat look.

The popular price point allows for economy without sacrificing genuine quality & longevity. Coordinating trim, stitched edge, gold corners, slight grain texture, interior insertable pockets, imprintable. Some of these are Quickship, too. Made in USA.

  You want that first impression
       to be a magical moment.
Seville deluxe menu covers.
Free Shippping SymbolSeville Deluxe Menu Covers

You can count on your new Seville Deluxe Menu Covers to do that in stunning fashion.

nav downThat's what your patron experiences when your server hands them their gorgeously foil-imprinted menu covers.. & a magical evening begins. Seville Deluxe features elegant album-style corners on every interior page- classic & classy!
Made in USA.

    After 18 holes, there's this..
Chesterfield Country Club Menu Covers
Chesterfield Golf
Country Club Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolYour patrons will delight in the rational sensibilities this beautiful cover evokes.

Chesterfield Golf Clubhouse Menu Covers work well in Golf & Country Club dining rooms, & are well-suited for any restaurant environment where an under-stated, nav downstraightforward yet still rich presentation is called for.

Padded covers have a soft leather-like feel with a textured grain. Album-style corners hold indvidual menu sheets. Made in USA.

Clarity is the VERY BEST- It can ship out to you today!

All Clear Vinyl
.. the clearest & longest lasting all-clear vinyl menu cover you can buy. Made in USA.
All clear vinyl menu covers are not expensive.
Clarity® All-Clear Vinyl Covers
Display your beautiful inserts in these practical, economical & 'clearly' elegant vinyl cover.

Clarity is your longest lasting clear menu cover, the best quality you can buy when it comes to all clear vinyl covers, & features a wide selection of configurations & sizes. Made in USA.

   Authentic cork can suggest a soft    romantic story whispered on the wind..
Cork menu covers tell a lyrical story.
Cork Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolCork evokes a quiet mediterranean mood, invoking thoughts of wine.

It's real & you can watch your patrons smile in satisfaction when your server delivers these. Experience it- it's an amazing look & feel!

Casebound, padded, authentic cork material, black interior & album style corners. Made in USA.

     Shamelessly uppercrust..
        & it's all yours!

Free Shippping SymbolHarley Deluxe Menu Covers

Textured grain finish offers a sumptuous feel. The 3-sided light-colored stitched thread completes the preppy cachet.

nav downCasebound padded covers with a sligth grain texture, & coordinating interior album-style corners (Green, Navy & Wine); also, Black interior album-style corners (Black, Brown, Butterscotch, Charcoal, Red & Nugget.) Stitched-edge, smooth gold corners standard- smooth silver corners upon request.
Made in USA.

  Elegant holder for the traditional
      one-page folded menu.

Augusta traditional menu covers.
Augusta Traditional Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolUtilizes elastic cords, barb, ball or tassel to hold menu in place.

Look carefully at the lower left hand corner in the image above and you'll see the external & traditional decorative spherical steel ball.

nav downAugusta Menu Covers are the way things used to be: they hold a single page in place with an elastic cord. You can use two or four of those 'views' on the folded page. This cover is casebound & padded.
Made in USA.

   Large menus, expansive wine lists..
        here's the way to show it all.

Augusta Spirals Menu Covers
Augusta Spirals Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolClassic, classy & capacity to spare.. indicated for the finest restaurants & wineries.

You can easily add or remove pages, showcasing different menus, special events, catered banquets, desserts or special wines & liqueurs.

Padded covers with clear spiraled pages.
One spiral page included in price. Additional spiral pages available for up to 12 pages & 24 viewing sides. Made in USA.

   Sleek Iridescent Glamour..
Iridescent Menu Covers shine with elan.
Iridescent Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolGive your patrons the sophisticated & glamourous experience of this exemplary padded menu cover.

Brilliant, glossy & reflective, the nuanced Iridescent menu cover features a smooth texture on its face, with a sleek interior. Vibrant custom imprinted menu covers are part of the cachet of your restaurant. Made in USA.

   Rattan weaves its way
      into your patron's heart..

Rattan menu covers weave their way into your heart.
Rattan Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolReflect your personal zeitgeist & ooze atmosphere. People will know.

Go ahead.. create that mood with this spectacular concept cover. The organic woven texture brings you back to Mother Earth, to what's true & to a tranquil sense of well-being.
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Indicated in Pan-Asian restaurants, tropically themed eateries, & anywhere a rattan woven look will enhance your themes.
Made in USA.

Monticello gives you a window on a logo, theme or design.. & that makes all the difference!
Monticello die-cut menu covers create a window.
Monticello Die-Cut Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolStand out from the crowd.. design your own custom die-cut menu covers today!

A die-cut window opening dramatically displays your chosen photo, imprint image or design. You can even include a genuine copper patina, as shown in the blue cover above.

nav downLaser engraving on wood offers a compelling look as well. Distinguished restaurants make the cut..
Made in USA.

Eastman showcases a photo or a collage.. when you want your resolution to be sharp..
Eastman menu covers.. you'll get the picture.
Eastman Photo Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolYou'll get the picture & so will your patrons! Take
a graphic concept & let your imagination soar.

Art + photography + creativity =
a compelling & pleasing presentation that will wow them.

Full color, edge-to-edge, amazing crisp detail
Made in USA.

   Do you want menu covers
   that reflect light & dreams?

Brushed Metallics Menu Covers.
Brushed Metallic Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolBrushed metallic menu covers conclusively make the ultimate statement about your restaurant's caliber & refinement.

Scintillating, smart, reflective, accomplished, & add a measure of gravitas.. that's the Brushed Metallic presentation.

nav down6 gorgeous finishes to choose from: Brushed Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Gold, Silver & Steel. Please do take a look at close-ups of the brushed material. Click on the pic & witness the state-of-the-art in the craft of USA menu cover manufacturing. Made in USA.

  Every Patina cover is a reflection of you..       completely unique. No two are alike.
Patina Copper Menu Covers
Copper Patina Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolEvery patina finish is different- no two are alike, due to unique engraving process on the face of the cover.

Patina menu covers are brand new but they allude to something old.. history, tradition, richness & a marked sense of authenticity.

Your patrons will feel a part of that richness the moment they take hold of these sumptuous & impressive copper menu covers. Truly- this is one of the finest menu presentation products on the market today. Made in USA.

Good size creative menus are more than possible with this platform..
Clear Spirals Menu Covers

Clear Spirals Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolThe simplicity of Menucoverman's clear spiral menu covers belies their incredibly high acceptance factor: they're hip, trendy & definitely 'in' from Hollywood to New York's Restaurant Row.

nav downYou'll be able to creat just the menu cover you want.. size, number of pages, & of course content: take graphics quality paper, print your menu including colorful imagery, insert- & just like that you have a stunning presentation that will inspire the results you seek. Made in USA.

   Pinehurst handles the largest menus
       & winelists in stride..

Pinehurst Menu Covers
Pinehurst Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolHave a large menu or winelist? Imagine displaying all your wonderful wines & spirits, or swapping out dinner or catering specials pages as needs request, easily.

Pinehurst promises a limitless listing of your offering.
Pinehurst utilizes a tried & true screwpost technology to get it done.

Also available equipped with a convenient high-capacity ring binder system. Made in USA.

    Like an Aaron Copland symphony
     & Arts and Crafts design values..

Genuine wood menu covers are in style.
Genuine Wood Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolWood electrifies with a viseral appeal, a natural authenticity that is honest, accessible & heartfelt.

Just holding it in your hands is enough to elevate the a sense of comfort. It's not old-fashioned, but it implies our best values in a most forthright way.

nav downChoose Walnut Wood, Maple Wood or Cherry Wood front panel; then choose Black, Brown or Wine Tuxedo bonded leather for 3/4 bind hard back panel, as shown in the picture. Black lining and album-style corners. Laser engraved customization is available. A wood back panel is also available. Made in USA.

Waterproof Menu Covers
Waterproof menus.
Waterproof Menu Covers
Free Shippping SymbolLong Life, Easily Cleaned, Colorful, & well, just fantastic!

Tell us what you want to say, & we'll put it all together for you.

Working in sync, you'll receive a spectacular one-of-a-kind menu- including all design work, printing, laminating, & binding. nav downIt'll be the size you want, & the number of views you need.

The covers last & last as water can't hurt it, & the spiral binding is tough. Plus- we'll keep your covers on file digitally, so when it's time to upgrade pricing or design, it's done simple as pie. Call today to discuss your requirements. Made in USA.
The Private Label Collection
When you've got to do the job for less consider these budget menu covers:
most are in-stock, many can be imprinted, & they'll keep your plans on track.

Private Label imprinted CASEBOUND..Cascade casebound menu covers.
Free Shippping SymbolCascade® Casebound
Value Menu Covers

Shopping around for the lowest cost imprinted casebound cover? This would be it..

Cascade menu covers are your ticket to the classic look in your restaurant. Made from a rich, beautiful leather-like material. There is no stitching. Price shown is for 8.5" x 11 - 2-view. You read that price right.. plus, many other sizes. Blank ships today- -99% in-stock! Imprinted in 5 days. Imported.

Private Label Lucent All Clear Vinyl. Your least cost all clear cover..
Budget heat sealed menu covers.
Lucent® All-Clear Vinyl Covers

A boon to your budget, for sure! Consider Lucent when you simply need the lowest price in town.

Lucent is your least expensive clear menu cover, & it's also the nav downleast expensive menu cover of any type that you can buy.

Available in one, two or three panel configurations,
all in 8.5" x 11" insert size. Imported.

Private Label
Padded Imprintable

Allante Padded Menu Covers
Free Shippping SymbolAllante® Padded
Imprintable Menu Covers
You'll appreciate this gorgeous cover- alive with nav downelegance- yet keeping the price way down with interior cafe-style pages & gold corners. Imagine your imprint right there. 99% in-stock! Imported.

Good Nylon-Stitched Edge
Pajco budget covers.
Simplicity® Budget Nylon
Fabric Edge Menu Covers

Free Shippping SymbolA better look & feel at a very low price.

Nylon fabric binding edge covers are great quality, & will last for years. Heavy duty graphic grade 10 gauge rigid vinyl stays flat. An economical alternative for tight budgets. 99% in-stock & ships out today. Imported.

Private Label Pajco - Imprinted!
Pajco budget covers.
Free Shippping SymbolPacifico® Budget
Pajco Menu Covers

The lowest-cost imprinted menu cover you can buy. Your logo will look great.

nav downPacifico Pajco menu covers are an affordable quality semi-flexible cover with inside cafe-style pockets. They are made from a premium soft leather-like thick supported vinyl. 99% in-stock! Imported.

Your lowest price cafe
menu covers..

cheap menu coversSimplicity® BoxSTOCK
Café Menu Covers
Free Shippping SymbolNew & fresh.. premium quality menu covers will last for years..

Made with heavy-duty graphic-grade rigid vinyl- it stays flat. If your budget demands savings, you are in the right place. Price shown is for double-stitched 8.5" x 11" 6-view. Many other sizes & configurations & 99% in-stock. Ships today! Imported.

The Menu Roll
The Menu Roll increases your restaurant's ticket size.
The Menu Roll keeps your add-on
& suggestion message outfront.

Sleek & attractive, the Menu Roll is there throughout the meal. Shown with a plastic base.. & a solid wood base is also available.

nav downWatch your ticket size grow overnight. Do an experiment. Put the Menu Roll out for a week, & see if your average ticket per table increases.

You'll be amazed at the power of this addition- to showcase specials, drinks, desserts, & upcoming events. The Menu Roll will pay for itself in that first week on the job.. there's another good reason to go for it. Plus UPS.

            Fancy is as fancy does..
Restaurant red table tents glistens & shines.
Bistro Table Tents
Fresh, attractive, shiny & glistening.. offer a wine or a dessert, even in the classiest venue.

Here's a truly beautiful way to offer compelling suggestions.
The problem has been: How do you put a table tent out in a fancy dining room? The answer is to put out a fancy table tent. That would be your Bistro tents, & the picture here doesn't do its in-person good looks justice. Trust us. Plus UPS. Made in USA.

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Menucoverman has been serving you for decades.
Whether you need the least expensive menu covers in large quantity, or high-end casebound covers embossed with your restaurant's name, call Menucoverman today.

Your goals are our goals.
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All kinds of businesses are using social media to promote their content & their brand online, & restaurants are no stranger to this approach.

But what is the most effective way to go about restaurant promotion through social media networks?

Imprinted menu covers portray your restaurant's art- as well as your mood, cachet and ambience.
Your art will never look better.

Imprinted, debossed with gold or silver or other color foil, your menu covers will look sharp, professional & put your patrons in the mood.. for a great dining experience.
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Call to place orders, ask questions & discuss your needs.. immediately- there's no frustrating, automated list of options. Just call & talk.. right now.

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Low factory pricing
Low factory pricing from the Menucoverman. Most of the products on this website are made right here, & ship factory direct to you.

Factory pricing & sourcing always benefits you with the lowest possible cost, & the fastest shipping times.
Presenting your vision
1 It's all about the presentation.

Menu Covers preserve & protect your menus, & impart the tone of your restaurant. Engage the expectations of your patrons.
More menu covers for your consideration.

Don't see what you want on this page?

Here's a great selection of other menu covers, styles & ideas for you to consider.

Cigarette disposal outdoor receptacle for food service industry.

Blueberry Brands, LLC presents The Disposer™, a proven & attractive solution that extinguishes & eliminates unsightly butts, empties in seconds...where the problem begins.

Great for outdoor food service areas.

Recycle bins for commercial kitchens.

Blueberry Brands EcoBin™ recyle bins are the best recycling bins available on the market today due to their ergonomic design, sanitary features, innovative fabrication, strong weight capabilities & durability.

Indicated for public spaces & comercial kitchens, caterers & banquet halls.

Tarifold organizers for commercial kitchens are safe, sanitary and loaded- with information you need to operate the business of your restaurant.
Tarifold organizers are employed in thousands of commercial kitchens across North America.

There are no electronics to spark & fizzle- just clear & visible access to recipes, work schedules, catering plans, supplier information & staff contact information.

Availabe in a stunning array of useful configurations.
Heavy duty cold storage rolling bin for caterers and restaurant parties.

..PRECISELY when & where they're needed.

The ColdStor™ Food, Ice & Beverage Bin is a lifesaver for caterers, stadiums, off-location events, parties, etc.

This amazing unit has capacity to spare, is available in a moment's notice, & can handle the big jobs. Take a look!

Boxes of new menu covers.
Many Menucoverman products
are in-stock & can ship out to you today- for tomorrow's delivery.
Place your order early in the day,
& find out what fast service
is really all about.
Canada menu covers.
Tarifold W291 for chef's access to recipes.
The Tarifold W291 Wall Unit is a handy non-electronic method for quick recipe access in commercial kitchens.
Tarifold D291 allows recipe access at the point of kitchen production.
The Tarifold D291 Wall Unit is a handy non-electronic method for quick recipe access in commercial kitchens.
Tarifold Organizers food service and commercial kitchen uses.
Tarifold recipe holder.
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